Wednesday, 3 June 2009

...or maybe it was the last time that I heard love.

I don't know what causes me until I could have so many words in my mind in this night nearly to the early morning. I don't know looking the pictures of mine when I was still in the first year of college, it was fun, I was still young (maybe) and things around me was right, or maybe not all of them but all of things just went through good on the good condition. It was not just about the things were still simple on that time but maybe it was because I still got what I wanted and what I needed. Well, but it was not just what things that made me so egoistic but, the condition is just different now. previously, ....

Saturday, 23 May 2009

holiday in illness

I'm so happy previously that I will have a week off from school! Senang sekali rasanya! But I didn't know why, kemaren pas jam 9 kurang yang tandanya gue harus menjemput teman2 gue untuk ke jakarta bareng, kenapa gue malessss, banget. Feels like I don't want to go to Jakarta and feels Bandung like my only home. Well, emang sbenernya kalo dibandingin, I love Bandung more than Jakarta krn lebih banyak temen2 saat skolah dan asik aja, Bandung has everything I need except mall.

Yah, yasudalah,emang udah nasibnya ke Jakarta and I don't wanna be a Bandung girl although I am officially Sundanese. Well, jam9 gue cabut dr rumah dan menuju ke rumah my girl, mega krn dia mau ke palembang,her hometown. After that, we went to Tita's house, krn dia juga mau ke Bali besoknya with my friends too, Nila, Tika, Sasa, Nyanya. Senang skalii yaa, I was invited but I can't go, coz money things, how poor I am. However, it doesn't mean I don't have plans. I do have plans to go somewhere, so far, Bogor. We planned to have a good night there with some girl things.

Well, today, seharusnya gue ketemuan sm temen gue nunung, yang bakal nikah tgl 5 juli ini, tetapi karena gw sakit.sehingga dipending sampe besok. I'm so sorry nung, I'm sure your wedding would be as beautiful as you are. Tapi maaf hari ini gue ga bisa bantuin lo karena gue sakit.

From yesterday until today I felt so happy and grateful because my company, dash company won Best Company and Best Profitable Company. It is like really amazing because many things or lawosh things yg sempat kita lalui bersama. Tapi mungkin Allah berkata lain. Finally, we got two amazing achievements and we were worth it! Dan comment-comment foto di facebook about our winning are sooo making me more proud!!!

Well, the big things that I have got in this two days really make me more strong and, what I saw two days before today, really made me that strong. I know a past is just a past. I would never look back for thousand times. I know everything would be alright, I can stand on my own feet and I wouldn't be someone I don't know. I am me, and I wouldn't change myself till anytime. :)

Monday, 11 May 2009

quick massage in a very hectic day

Well,huh, knapaa bgt ya the things happen nearly a week ini, weird aja. Banyak bgt tugasnya dan kesannya mesti bisa bgt memanage waktu layaknya satu angkatan ini adalah pemanage waktu yg baik smua. Pdhal kan gitu smuanya. Setiap orang pny capability masing2 dlm mngatur jdwalnya. Well, sehingga minggu ini menjadi minggu hectic yg krn sking banyaknya tugas, sampe2 cuman bs bengong,krn saking banyaknya tugas dan ga tau mulai dr yg mana.
Well, this week jg makin diperkeruh dgn kuis besar finance dan ton competiton. Well, emang smuanya punya niat baik yaitu biar kita belajar for final exam. But the time is just that limited. Ga tau kenapa, I'm not the one who can manage well about the time although the time that I've spent was about assignment does. The key is just one, lakuin aja yg bs dilakuin scepetnya dgn menentukan prioritas juga.
Brrr, makin aja de kurang tidur hasilnya. Pengen bobooo :(

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Grey Dress

Well, this wardrobe that I wore, hmm, forget the date. I like this combination cause it is bold with only one color to dominate. So I can have boyish style with sneaker but still has girl look on the dress.

Black Veil: Ambassador 'kerudung' store
Grey Long necklace: Pasar Senen
Grey Long dress: Public Affair
Animal Print bag: La Cod Fin Kemang Bazar
Black Leggings: Public Affair
Sneakers: Endorse

Long long long cardigan

New another post. Hahaha.
Well, after all those time I wasted my time for having updates on facebook but not on my own blog.

Well, I got this picture which my friend, Kartika, was taking the picture.
In this picture I wore;
Veil: Ambassador shopping centre
Glasses: Levis (which has gone!)
Tee: Zara
Cardigan: Public Affair
Pants: Zara
Boots: Zara (not really can be seen, huh!)

Hmm, guess it so comfortable to be worn in a day in spending times for college. I have this style from Agyness Deyn, though.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Boots

For the amazing day to spend in BSM (Bandung SuperMal) with my besties, I wore my own boots by Zara that I bought on sale. It is the dreaming boots that I have already adored for a long time. But when the prize was down, I just can afford it.

Well, boots mean a lot to me. Not just because the boldness of it, but also the icon of the boots themselves. Boots can high-up our style and it wouldn't be out of the 'in' time.